Antonino Condorelli was born in Catanzaro, a Southern Italian city on the Jonian Sea in 1973.
In 1996 Antonino starts contributions with local newspapers, and after attending a photography school in Milan he started the freelance career. He began a contribution with Associated Press, covering immigrants arrivals from Albania and Middle East on the Italian coasts. In 2005 he started contributing to Reuters, covering sports, news, political and social events. In 2009 until 2011 Antonino works as editor and photojournalist at OTNPhotos an Italian press photo agency.
In 2016 Antonino won “Der Blauer Löwe” with his photo series from the project “Here We Are”.
Antonino focuses his work on human rights and contemporary social issues prevalently from Africa and Middle East. His pictures have been published in, major international magazines such as Newsweek, Die Zeit, L’Espresso, The Herald Tribune, Le Monde Ado, Suddeutsche Zeitung Familie, among others.
He lives between Italy and Germany and follows long term projects.

+49 151 2709 3450