If you are looking for something consistent with your business, your company or artistic activity or if you need to represent yourself and your team in a brochure, on a flyer or on your personal or corporate website, your presentation should be professional and should talk about you:

You are the centre of attention.

I create portraits for companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers and help you increase your visibility. To put you at ease, to ensure your peace of mind, even behind the camera, I organize photo sessions without time limit:

There is nothing worse than working in the creative field with time pressure.

I like to give my clients peace of mind before, during and after the photo session. That’s why, at no extra cost, I prefer to come to your working place to organize the set and take care of the details. 

Sessions can be individual or corporate, in both cases I will try to give my best to make your session as much fun, relaxing and effective as possible. At the end of the session we will have the opportunity to select the pictures you like. In the following days I will send you the JPG format photos in high, medium and low resolution.

In case you don’t have a lot of time, I can select the photos and send you a sample through which you will tell me which ones you want to take.


Believe it or not, nowadays you can work miracles using Photoshop. Obviously I can eliminate small imperfections, but I want to be completely honest with you: If you have a physical characteristic you might not be entirely happy with, it is better to leave it like that so that you can present yourself as you are: the real you. The main thing to keep in mind is the representation of yourself and the role that you play in your company. We will definitely get that.


Simplicity is the keyword: Bring a selection of clothes, so you have a varied and colourful outfit. Shirts, suits, dresses, skirts, but also casual, sportswear. The goal is that you feel comfortable in your usual outfit. Finally, if you have any doubts, bring everything. Avoid wearing too big or numerous jewels as they distract the focus on your person.


If you want, you can hire a make-up artist for your individual or corporate sessions, but it will be charged extra.

Towards the session:

The night before the session it would be good if you and your team try to get a good night’s sleep. Do not go to the nightclub and do not overdo it with alcohol. Also avoid getting a haircut the day before the shoot, so that your hair can find its natural accommodation.