Sexual abuses in Africa are not only limited to women. It is a dramatic event for women as well for men. Many people think that men cannot be raped and that this is an event reserved to women. A rapes against men, brings the same effects of a womens rape. It hurt the body as well the soul. Many male people that had some experience like a rape, are than abandoned by the families, they cannot come back in the villages where they were born and they become underprivileged people. Rape, is often a war weapon, most of the people had the rape experience in their country because they were activists against thegovernment politics, or because they were in some way involved in activites against the regimes. Escaped from their countries, expecially in North Uganda, people found other violences, because many soldiers of Uganda Army use the same violence against refugees. In Uganda Refugee Law Project cares people, male and female, that suffered violences. Their work aims to care the lives of refugees and of abused people. All pictures © Antonino Condorelli 2020

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