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Killing The Tuna

Yellow Tuna harvested in Mediterranean Sea to be sold in Japanese Market.

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a fascinating large warm-blooded fish that roams the world’s oceans. They are a highly valued prize in the world’s fishing industries and the estimated value of the bluefin tuna catch in the Mediterranean is €300 million. The sheer value of this market has given rise to one of the more recent developments in Mediterranean fisheries – the tuna farm. There are now over 40 offshore tuna farms in the Mediterranean Sea. Each summer 20 to 30,000 tonnes of fish are caught in vast dragnets and towed to these farms. The fish are regularly fed until they reach the target size of around 250kg. They are then taken to the mainland from where they are distributed around the world. Although most tuna farms act within the law, the fish’s high value has caused some fisherman to exceed quota limits. Others illegally catch juveniles; which gives the fish no chance of procreation. Some scientists estimate that up to 20,000 tonnes of tuna are illegally caught each year. As a consequence of this, the Mediterranean tuna industry is feared to be on the verge of collapse. In Mediterranean Seas a Japanese Vessels travel for 8/9 months per year to collect high quality red (blue fin) tunas to carry on the Japanese markets. Tunas are killed by underwater divers with some particular underwater guns. On the Lapanese vessels a very expert crew cut the tunas in filets and refrigerate it at -60°.