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Lockdown Artists

Artists pictured at home during lockdown.

The Year 2020 erased thousands of businesses, ideas and projects. With the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of restaurants as well as fitness studios and theaters have been closed. Artists had seen their exhibitions and their shows being cancelled or postponed and they were forced to stay home due to the lockdowns. How did they face the long, temporary closure? I spent a few days with some artists working in musicals and theatre shows. They spent their days reinventing themselves and training in order to not forget their show’s performances and the choreographies. They also train to attend auditions for new shows worldwide. Giulia is an Italian dancer at the Flash Dance show, which is held in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; she lives with her husband Victor, from Brazil, who has been acting in the Lion King Musical in Hamburg for 7 years. They share their apartment with Kevin, an Italian singer and dancer who arrived in Hamburg on January 2020, before the lockdown, looking to attend some auditions. All of them are forced to stay home because of the shows’ closure, but they are working to be ready for the new openings of cultural places that they hope will arrive as soon as possible. Giulia teaches Kevin how to do dance choreographies, and she holds on-line fitness classes with people who want to stay healthy. Victor tries out his part at the Lion King musical but also practices for new audiences for new shows. Kevin is training for a few auditions that are scheduled for the weeks to come.