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Pezzi di Cuore

Portraits of mothers which lost their innocent sons.

Ndrangheta is one of the most powerful mafia of Italy. This criminal organization is well connected connections worldwide. In South America they lead the drug traffic to Europe and they are "leaders" in dirty business between toxic wastes and public works. They are everywhere but the main head quarter of the organization is in the southern Italian region of Calabria. A region between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, where a lot of things are under their control.Mothers involved in this Portraits story are innocent women and mothers of innocent sons that have been disappeared and killed because they were in love with the wrong women, or because they saw something they shouldn't have seen, or because they tried to fight against mafia affiliates.

Some of these women still are waiting to hear who killed their sons and why, and someone of these mothers died before to know the truth.