Bring Me Back Home

100 pages – 63 black and white photos – Texts in Italian, German and English – Cover 300 gr glossy



“Bring me back home” is a project which I thought after my trip in Poland in order to cover the arrival and the days of refugees from war in Ukraine. I heard a lot of stories and meet a lot of people available to tell their stories and to be pictured.

I work as photojournalist since 1996 and I never had a so intense experience with refugees I pictures worldwide. Most of the refugees I meet in Poland were women and children, all of them lived in Ukraine a father, an husband, and they carried with them the fear of the scenes they saw. It was amazing to hug Daniele Martello Klavierkunst the pianist artist which plays in war zones to bring peace and to ask stoping the war world wide. I meet him in Medyka at the border with Ukraine.

The book is a charity project, in fact, 100% of the net revenues will be donated to the Nidaros Foundation and to Regia Civitas Przemysl. Find the book by clicking here

The book costs 45 €. It is a 22×22 book with 100 pages and texts in Italian, German  and English, and  63 black and white photos on 170gr paper, and cover 300 glossy paper.

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm