– Soft Cover.

-84 Pages.

-63 B/W Photographs

-Texts by me and the ArztMobil Hamburg Physicians.

-Text in German

-Size 30×30 cm


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This is a photographic journey about the work of the doctors of ArztMobil Hamburg, and the lives of homeless. This is also a visual tribute I want to dedicate to those that face a life on the streets. Humanity has a lot of faces and especially in this particular period of the worldwide war against Covid-19, the weakest ones have been left behind. As a photojournalist, I have covered social issues and human rights especially in Africa. During the first days of lockdown in Germany, I was going out covering Covid-19 in the cities around me, when a friend told me about ArztMobil Hamburg. Immediately, I contacted them and I jumped on board by covering the work of the doctors with the homeless. I did so without an assignment and I have not been working for any publication. This is a very personal view of an extraordinary and touching trip by exploring different sides of humanities. Lost the way home is now a book and as soon as it will become an exhibition which will be exposed around Hamburg and Lower Saxony area as well as, in other parts of Germany. Living on the streets in this period is a very challenge especially in winter time. From December 16 people living on the street died due to high temperatures and a lot of homeless reported several diseases related to temperatures. The doctors of ArztMobil Hamburg work hardly every weekend by helping them.


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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 2 cm